Canada is known for intense winters but we also experience extremely hot days during the summer months. Having a reliable and efficient air conditioning system is imperative to ensuring home comfort. Cloud 9 Home Comfort professionals recommend you have your air conditioning unit serviced yearly to ensure it is running at peak capacity when a heat wave comes .

If it is time to replace your air conditioner, Cloud 9 Home Comfort carries a variety of superior models guaranteed to give you top value for your long term investment. There are a couple of options available depending on your budget and where the unit will be placed in your home.


Central air conditioning is the most common type of home cooling system. Central air conditioning is a split system with an indoor evaporator coil typically installed in your furnace and an outdoor cabinet with a condenser coil and compressor. A chemical called refrigerant is pumped through the system by the compressor.

Central air conditioning is energy efficient as it uses your ductwork to allocate cool air evenly through each room so you stay cool no matter where you are in your home. The unit is located outside your home so it won't be noisy inside when operating.


Not all homes are designed for the ventilation ducts that are necessary for installing a central air conditioning unit. If you live in an older home where central air conditioning is not feasible, a small ductless air conditioner is a great home cooling alternative. A ductless air conditioner requires only full or partial placement in one of your home's windows, typically the largest room or room you spend the most time in. While noisier than central air conditioning since located indoors, these compact units with built-in fan will provide you with home comfort on a hot summer day.